Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Slimming World Recipe - Orange Fanta Chicken

Hi y'all,

Right, I made this stange sounding recipe for the first time about a week ago and so have decided to share it with all your sw ladies out there!

This recipe was derived from the Diet Coke Chicken Recipe that I was told about in one of my sw group sessions. Being a big fan of sweet and sour chicken I wanted to adapt the recipe using only a few different ingrediants and of course Orange Fanta. So here goes...

(Serves 2)
Time: 30 - 40 minutes (incl. prep)

Diced Chicken Breast (enough to feed two people)
Can of chopped tomatos
Diced Onions
Pineapple Chucks
3 Sliced Bell Peppers (I used red, green and yellow to add lots of colour)
1 Tsp Soy Sauce
Fry Light
Can of Fanta Zero (Orange) *Remember to use Zero to keep it syn free!*

First, spray a large sized pan with fry light and set to a medium to high heat.

Add the chicken to the pan until chicken is just cooked (make sure not to over do the chicken at this stage).

Add a little more fry light to the pan if needed and add the diced onions and sliced peppers. Keep these in the pan until the peppers have softened and the onions have browned slightly.

Then add the pineapple chucks, chopped tomatos and soy sauce into the mix. Make sure to heat this mixture up slightly before adding the last ingrediant, Orange Fanta Zero.

At this point the mixture will look like a gloopy mess but rest assured it will thicken!!

Turn the heat down to a low simmer and leave (covered) for about 20 minutes. Keep checking it as when it does eventually thicken it happens fast!

As soon as the liquid thickens turn off the heat and serve immediately with a side of boiled white rice.

This dish is super simple, cheaply made and tastes delicious! It has a hint of sweet and sour about it and is very filling. Whats more it is completely syn free so if, like me, you like your meals big, then you can have however much of it you like!!


Roxy x


  1. My sauce didn't thicken :o(
    I think it was the tin of chopped tomatoes that stopped it, too much water from them I think! Next time I'll use a few tbspns of passata instead! But this was super yummy still!

    1. Hi Tash,

      Sorry to hear your sauce didn't thicken,yes and you are right passata will make it much better. Tbh when using canned tomatos I usually have to cook it for far longer then making it with passata in order to get it to the right consistancy. Hope you get on better next time!
      Roxy x

  2. Does cooking the pineapple add syns? Ive read anywhere as soon as you cook a fruit it turns into sugars and you have to syn in. Regardless amazing recipe! Love it

  3. Hi, I'm not sure about the pinapple being synned because of the cooking process. I have to say I haven't heard of that before but you may be right. To be honest it's never hurt me and I have lost nearly 5 stone now, so as long as you aren't consuming too much of it I can't see it hurting! Enjoy x x x

    1. OK this has been one of my faves for a while now and just seen it posted here..... YES the cooking pineapple adds syns I am afraid. HOWEVER..... if you add the pineapple for the last minute ONLY then you are only warming not cooking it and therefore you get the taste and some crunch but no syns :) happy slimming (loss as of today 8st 1.5lbs..... 12.5lbs to go - good luck all)

  4. Cooking the pineapple would add a few syns.

    Tried this at SW taster session and gave it a try myself today. I used tomato purée and a little water in place of the tinned tomatoes and it thickened perfectly.

    My fussy eater husband really enjoyed it, still haven't told him it had a can of fanta zero in it!!

  5. Ive heard cooking the pineapple adds syns but if u add it in at the last min its ok :) x

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  7. hi im going to try this tnyt over a baked potatoe not telling my partner what it is will pretend its a jar haha! i'm goin to use passata i have 400ml should i use it all??? x

  8. Am i right in thinking you need to Syn the Pineapple as it is cooked?

  9. ok so wish id have read all the threads first .. its the same sauce didn't thicken but hey ho its fabulous and was totally surprised that even I could cook it

  10. if you use passata how much should you use? x

  11. I cooked the meal today. I thought it was lovely. My family commented on the orange taste . I asked did they like it and unfortunately the answer was no. So i won't be cooking the diet coke one

  12. I cooked the meal today. I thought it was lovely. My family commented on the orange taste . I asked did they like it and unfortunately the answer was no. So i won't be cooking the diet coke one

  13. My sauce didn't thicken but I added a spook to tomato purée and cooked it a further 10 mins then it did thicken